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All good things come to me, everything works out for me

777 gold filled charm

gold filled rounded snake chain hypoallergenic, waterproof, tarnish resistant

17 inches


Angel Number 777

The angel number 777 is one of those number sequences that is laced with luck. It is also connected to ideas around creative expression, encouraging your true self to step out in daily life, and welcoming the spiritual knowledge. It is a lucky number and can extend its energy and help guide you to where you need to be - all while helping provide you with the promise of good fortune and positive energy. It symbolises abundance, prosperity and divine support surrounding you.


Lucky Girl Syndrome

a state of being in which everything happens to work out for you and where opportunities fall into your lap. Great things are always happening to me unexpectedly.

Lucky Girl Affirmations: I'm a lucky girl all good things come to me.

Everthing always works out for me whatever belongs to me will simply find me.

777 Lucky Girl

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