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Emma Halstead

Jewelry Designer



Hi ♡ My name is Emma Halstead and I founded Cloaked in Confidence, a small jewelry business based in Minneapolis, Minnesota ♡ 


A little bit about my life and art - I have always been interested in art. I value art and creativity as one of the best forms of meditation. I love to create unique individual pieces and see the slight differences each piece can have. Cloaked in Confidence jewelry is created so you can embrace your own inner confidence.


Emma Halstead

Handcrafted Jewelry Designer and CEO

Cloaked in Confidence

A small jewelry business based in Minneapolis, MN creating wearable confidence

Hi Everyone ♡ I'm so happy you are here ♡ 

A little bit about me - I am a local artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I founded Cloaked in Confidence in 2021 during my undergraduate career at the Carlson School of Management (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities). I make handmade and custom modern jewelry inspired by vintage designs. Creating jewelry started as a hobby but soon became a way to adorn myself when I lacked confidence. 

I am guided to create jewelry that offers my customers the ability to feel confident, healed, and empowered. I always felt most confident playing dress-up when I was a young girl. I am inspired to create jewelry that can act as elevated dress-up for your inner child. To help you step into the confidence I always felt playing dress-up.

My designs help you take up the space you deserve to become the most confident versions of yourself. Adorn yourself with confidence.

I design and craft every piece of jewelry in my home studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cloaked in Confidence is focused on enhancing lives and well-being. My designs are guided by my creativity, my inspirations, and my feelings about the world around me. 

Thanks for reading feel free to shop around ♡

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