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Fill out some questions and I will put together a charm necklace for you based on your vibe♡ 


1. Answer the questions below so I can get to know you a little more ♡ if you would like to leave your Instagram handle your account has to be public so that I can see it!:) OR you can just answer the questions OR you can always do both ♡


2. Choose whether you would like interchangeable OR permanent charms 


3. Pick the number of charms you would like on your necklace (can add up to 20 charms)


4. Pick your necklace length (non-tarnishing gold-plated bar chain - shown in pictures)


If you would like interchangeable charms just let me know otherwise your charms will be attached permanently ♡


Your charm necklace comes on a gold-plated non-tarnishing bar chain unless otherwise noted♡

SURPRISE Custom Charm Necklace


secret summer sale🌷

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