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Handmade bracelet featuring three groups of stones: Ebony, Petrified Wood, and Peach Aventurine. Made from three groups of wood beads: Sandalwood, Rosewood, and White Qinan Sandalwood.


Wearing crystals is a beneficial way for you to absorb the energy that crystals hold. Each bracelet is uniquely handcrafted with high quality materials and intuitively pick each crystal for every customer. 


Sandalwood Benefits

Sandalwood can calm one when needed, it can stimulate awareness help bring good luck, it can get rid of any negative energy around you, will helps you concentrate, can get rid of stress, it helps with sleep, can control anger, helps mentally, helps with meditation, and it can help physically. Sandalwood and its spiritual benefits is great and can help out immensely with the spiritual vibe. Spiritual sandalwood is extremely useful during meditation or yoga. Sandalwood is known for clearing the mind and bringing calmness to the entire being, while promoting i